Fund Facts
Portfolio Characteristics as of 6/30/2020
Equity Income
Median Market Cap (Millions) 36,027
Number of Holdings 36
Median Price - to - Earnings (Next 12 Months)* 16.4x
Price / Book 4.49
Beta** 1.04

*This measure is not a forecast of the fund’s future performance.
**A measure of the volatility, or systematic risk, of a security or a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole.

Top Ten Holdings*** as of 6/30/2020
AT&T Incorporated 3.9%
Enterprise Products Partners L.P. 3.8%
Chevron Corporation 3.7%
Verizon Communications Incorporated 3.5%
AbbVie, Inc. 3.5%
Johnson & Johnson 3.5%
Old Republic International Corporation 3.4%
KeyCorp 3.2%
Qualcomm Incorporated 3.0%
Genuine Parts Company 3.0%

***Holdings are subject to change and do not include the Fund’s entire portfolio. Holdings data is presented to illustrate examples of the securities the Fund bought and the diversity of areas in which the Fund invests and may not be representative of the Fund’s current or future investments. Current and future holding are subject to risk. Sector Breakdowns are determined by Hamlin’s Investment Committee.

Sector Breakdown**** as of 6/30/2020
% of Total
Health Care 15
Industrials 13
Information Technology 11
Consumer Discretionary 11
Energy 10
Communication Services 10
Financials 9
Consumer Staples 7
Real Estate 7
Materials 5
Utilities 2

****Sector breakdown is defined by Hamlin’s Investment Committee.

Market Cap Exposure as of 6/30/2020
Equity Income Companies
Greater than $10 billion 72.2 26
$2 billion - $10 billion 25.0 9
$0 - $2 billion 2.8 1