The Hamlin Funds are available for purchase through numerous brokers, please check with your specific broker for availability.
You can also purchase shares directly from Hamlin Funds by completing the appropriate form below. For questions regarding investing please call 1-855-HHD-FUND.
Fund Documents
Hamlin Mutual Fund Fact Sheet Q1 2022
Final Year End Tax Distributions - December 2021
Hamlin Mutual Fund Statutory Prospectus
Hamlin Summary Prospectus – Investor
Hamlin Summary Prospectus – Institutional
Hamlin Semi-Annual Report - June 2021
Hamlin Statement of Additional Information - May 2022
Hamlin Annual Report - December 2021
Risk/Return Summary section(s) of the Hamlin High Dividend Mutual Fund
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IRS Tax Form 8937 – 2015
IRS Tax Form 8937 – 2016
IRS Tax Form 8937 - 2017
IRS Tax Form 8937 - 2018
IRS Tax Form 8937 - 2019
IRS TAX FORM 8937 - 2020
IRS TAX FORM 8937 - 2021
Hamlin Traditional / Roth IRA Custodial Agreement Disclosure
Hamlin High Dividend Equity Fund - Schedule F__9.30.2021
Hamlin High Dividend Equity Fund - Schedule F__3.31.2021
Hamlin High Dividend Equity Fund - Schedule F__9.30.2020